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Since Béla Fleck and Mark O'Connor are just as versatile in the musical genres they play in as is Meyer, I removed the distinctions separating the musicians Meyer plays with.

Infobox Issues[edit]

I've fixed a couple of problems with the infobox. First, and presumably noncontroversially, I shifted Deutsche Grammophon and the other labels from a "date" to the "label" category. Second, and this one will probably (as seemingly always) spark debate, I removed the individuals' names from "associated acts." To describe a classical soloist like Joshua Bell as an "associated act" is just plain silly; I don't know what convention rules the popular music world in that regard, but I think the individual non-classical musicians are deserving of similar treatment. Therefore, I transferred them to a new sentence in the introductory section of the article proper. I left in the box the one group cited as an "associated act," as it does seem to satisfy that description. Drhoehl (talk) 23:57, 4 May 2008 (UTC)[reply]

Breaking What?[edit]

This page has the following statement:

"Meyer has also composed a number of works that break the traditional mold of classical music, including two double bass concertos, a double concerto for bass and cello, and a violin concerto composed specifically for Hilary Hahn."

Well, how has he broken the traditional mold of classical music? There should be some detail or fact describing how he is breaking the mold. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 03:58, 21 August 2008 (UTC)[reply]

Agreed, in form and style I find Meyer's chamber music more akin to that of Paul Hindemith or Samuel Barber. I don't think there needs to be any mention of "classical" music as it relates to Meyer.Nomotiv867 (talk) 07:36, 3 March 2009 (UTC)[reply]