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The paragraph that begins "In November, 2004 Death Cab for Cutie signed a 'long-term worldwide deal' with Atlantic Records..." seems to contradict itself. It should be rewritten or corrected. --anon

How so? — The Storm Surfer 30 June 2005 18:05 (UTC)

Summary of changes I made on 16 August 2004[edit]

  • "Nick Harmer" changed to "Nicholas Harmer" and made a link. He is credited as Nicholas on 'Airplanes' and 'Photo'.
  • Maybe "LP" should be a link?
  • "Forbidden Love EP" changed to "The Forbidden Love E.P." and made a link. The cover says "the death cab for cutie forbidden love e.p." but "death cab for cutie" and "e.p." are in white while "the" and "forbidden love" are in black. I guess maybe the title should be "The Forbidden Love"... who knows?
It's labeled as Forbidden Love [EP] on Gracenote CDDB, which is generally considered to be the deciding factor on these things.
Why did Meeler posted this in copyright problems if he had posted it?- Anon. Needed to revert it back.
The text seemed essentially lifted from the Allmusic profile; the phrasing and wording were largely the same in early versions. Thus, it could be a copyright violation; see Wikipedia:Copyrights. Thanks, Meelar (talk) 09:38, Apr 11, 2005 (UTC)

Changes for post indie Death Cab[edit]

In November, 2004 Death Cab for Cutie signed a "long-term worldwide deal" with Atlantic Records, leaving their long-time label Barsuk Records and the rank of indie record labels. Gibbard stated on the official website that nothing would change except that "Next to the picture of Barsuk holding a 7", there will be the letter "A" on both the spine and back of our upcoming albums."

One significant change was that their latest album Plans was only sold through sites that use some form of DRM. When they were with barsuk all of their albums were sold throught sites like emusic and audiolunchbox (which offer mp3s). This was the first of their albums not to be offered in this format.

When I went back to look it seems that their entire discography has been pulled from both of those sites. This was not the case as late as the launch of Plans. Makes me wonder if atlantic now has distro rights on all of their music (as this fits with the plans release). Or has barsuk changed their online distro policy also. Regardless I think the fact that Plans was not sold online in a non DRMed format significant enough to be mensioned after that part of the the article because obviously it is not just a 'A' printed on their album. -- eSavior

I emailed Barsuk records about why the discography was pulled from audiolunchbox and Van Riker said that Barsuk never distributed on emusic and as for audiolunchbox "Audio Lunchbox changed to a subscription service from a simple download service which is why we are no longer up with them." So the answer to second paragraph in my original Changes for post indie Death Cab was that Barsuk has not changed their online distro policy but that audiolunchbox has changed its service format which is now at odds with their policy. I emailed Mr. Riker back asking if Barsuk still distributed its music under a unencumbered format and I am now waiting on his responce. -- eSavior, 26 September 2006

Mr. Riker informs with that they will soon be selling through which offers music in mpeg layer 3 format.

UK singles chart history[edit]

I checked and there is no mention of the band ever having a UK top 40 hit. can someone sort this out please?

I second this.

Link Added[edit]

I just added a link to Ben Gibbard's MOG page, which shows all the music he listens to and has blog posts about a couple of his favorite artists. He just joined MOG and plans to be posting there regularly, so I figured the link would be useful to Death Cab fans. Questions about this, drop me a line... JessMOG, 11 November 2006

Brothers On a Hotel Bed[edit]

Never been a single