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Kán is the name of a Hungarian noble family which gave bans (governors) to Croatia and Slavonia, voivodes to Transylvania, and palatines to Hungary in the 13th and 14th centuries.


The Kán family were members of the Hermány clan. They crossed the Carpathian mountains together with Árpád, leader of the Magyars, and settled in Pannonia in 895. They were Counts of Siklós from the year 900.


Notable members of the family include:

Transylvanian branch[edit]

Siklós branch[edit]

  • Simon
    • Buchk fl.c. 1251
      • Nicholas I
        • Urban fl.  1281
        • Cain fl. 1281
      • Michael
        • Blaise fl. 1281
      • Peter I → Beremendi sub-branch
        • Peter II fl. 1281–1296
          • Stephen fl. 1293
    • Julius I fl.c. 1251
      • Nicholas II fl. 1266–1288
        • Julius II fl. 1283–1298 ∞ Clara Aba, daughter of Finta Aba
        • Peter III fl. 1283–1341(1) unidentified; (2) Catherine Kaboli
          • Siklósi family
        • Helena fl. 1298–1336James Győr
      • a daughterPeter Tétény

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